Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'll be the First to Oppose Bingu's Third Term- Symon Vuwa-Kaunda

Information and Civic Education Minister, Symon Vuwa-Kaunda, categorically denies reports linking President Bingu wa Mutharika to Third Term attempts as his High Office curtain closes in 2014.
Mutharka is serving his second, and last, constitutional five-year term.
However, reports are rife linking Mutharika to clandestine Third Term

Unconfirmed reports say he is gunning for a Third Term: President Bingu wa Mutharika

overtures, a development Vuwa-Kaunda described as a "useless attempt by opposition political parties and disgruntled civil society organisations aimed at tarnishing the President's good name".
"Malawians should not take such reports seriously. There are no attempts by the President to stand for the third time; after all, he has made it clear that he will pack his bags and head for (his privately-owned) Ndata Farm at the end of his term of office in 2014."
Adds Vuwa-Kaunda:"In fact, I will be the first one to oppose any plans and attempts for a Third Term. We respect our Republican Constitution."
It is not the first time Malawians have to grapple with the issue of Third Terms as, during the second term of immediate-past president Bakili Muluzi, the United Democratic Front went on one such campaign.
This was a dark period in Malawi's history as the party's Young Democrats went about terrorising opponents in the term of hooting and shoehorning support for Muluzi.
But constitutionalism still prevailed over personal ambition as Muluzi unwillingly handed over the Power-Button to Mutharika in May 2004.
Mutharika's Democratic Progressive Party has a UDF-like youth wing which the President has just christened 'DPP Cadets' Their former title was 'DPP Youth Morale'- which showed DPP's skewed definition of youths as mere cheer leaders, as opposed to contributors to development.
Now, the question is: From DPP Youth Morale to Youth Cadets- which war are these youths preparing for?

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