Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eclpse of the Moon

It happens once in a while, and, all the while, Malawians take some time off to watch the occurings in the sky.
It may be night, it may be day- in which case, it becomes an eclipse of the sun- but people, some people, will still find the time to watch in bewilderment and partake of the spectable that is an eclips,; a rare occurence when the sun and the moon cross paths and create either of the two products: total darkness or dim light.
On Wednesday, just such an occurence took hold, forcing people out of doors in the face of a hands-numbing winter that is beginning to bite hard in Malawi.
When Thursday came, news of the eclipsae took centre-stage.
And people smiled.
Only once, at Portugaria in Blantyre Central Business District, did I see a man get angry at the news of the eclipse.
But his three male friends still made fun of him; they said he was asleep when it all begun, and finished.
The eclipse then passed him unnoticed in his sleep.

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