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ASCO 2010: 50 Years Anniversary of SCOM


NGC Resolution

In 2011 SCOM shall have attained 50 years of its ministry to the youth

The SCOM NGC in September 2009 therefore resolved that 50th anniversary (golden jubilee) be celebrated

Noting that the cerebrations are special in a way NGC appointed a special committee to coordinate plans for the 50th anniversary of SCOM

Special Committee on 50th Anniversary

B. Chiyamwaka
P. Kaudzu
Mr. C. Mayuni
Mrs. C. Mlowoka
V. Beza
Rev. Chokhotho

P. Khumalo
Mrs. M. Khonje
H. Mwalukomo
Mrs. T. Mhango
F. Chozenga
R. Chimwendo

Terms of Reference for the Committee

NEC proposed the following TORs for the committee:

To coordinate all preparations towards the celebrations
Propose dates for activities leading to the main event
Identify possible venues for the activities
Communicate to all people groups that will play various roles before, during and after the event
Terms of Reference for the Committee c/d

Publicize the event as widely as possible
Organize the main celebration event
Draw up program of events
Draw up list of participants and invited guests
Communicate to invited guests
Committee’s Operations


The committee’s first meeting was held during last year’s ASCO here at MEDI, Mponela (this was an informal meeting)
To date three formal meetings have been held as follows:
15th May 2010
19th June 2010
14th August 2010

During its three meetings and based on the proposed TORs, the committee has accomplished a number things.

Events shall be carried out throughout the month of September while the climax will be on Saturday 1st October 2011.
A number of activities were proposed for the celebration such as:
Zonal, district, regional celebrations
Creation of a blog/website
Mobilizing former members
these activities are meant to involve a cross section of participants beyond the student.

Details Silver Stadium Theme Evening Celebration Night
Date 1st October 2011 29th September 2011 30th September 2011
Venue Silver Stadium, Lilongwe Crossroads/Capital Hotel Sheaffer Conference/ICI
Target group All Invited stakeholders; parents, students, associates, church leaders, private and public sector representatives Private Sector, Chief Executives, Influential people in society, Church and Para church leaders, etc Associates, students, friends of SCOM, etc
Nature of event Mixture of activities Red carpet Concert
Activities Marching, displays and performances, recitals, laying of foundation stone [SCOM Center], book launch, speeches, etc Presentations/documentary of SCOM, band singing, speeches/key note address Live singing by Christian artists, recitals, special songs, speeches
Guest of Honor Probably the State President To be identified from the Corporate World To be Identified


Guided by the following:

past experiences, the current and the future vision for the ministry
scripture that relates to the event
Marketing SCOM approach
current challenges parents, families, the nation are facing

“Restoration of Hope” emerged as an appropriate and relevant theme.

members will continue to think through the proposed theme until it is refined

Current and former students
All agencies that have involved SCOM members in their activities
Mainline churches
Relevant Government ministries and departments
International Fellowship of Evangelical Students [IFES]
University of Malawi

Media Houses
Civil Society Organizations
Private Sector
Bible Society of Malawi,
World Vision International, Evangelical Association of Malawi,
African Evangelistic Enterprise,
Malawi Council of Churches, etc

The following were some of the means suggested for publicizing the events:

Special blog, electronic newsletter, SCOMNET
Photo gallery of the journey of SCOM since inception
Memorabia- caps, pens, mugs, badges, stickers, etc
Media products such as Press releases, press conferences, jingles, videos etc
Special documentary on the journey of SCOM

The following sources of resources were suggested:

Private Sector
Trusts and Foundations
SCOM Members in Diaspora
Pledges, appeals
Fund raising ventures
Commemorative artifacts such as cloth
a special bank account will be opened for the celebrations.


Pastor D. Chiweza, Mr. S. Malitoni


Mr. V. Kaonga, Mr. Bayana Chunga, Mr. E. Mcheka


Mr. D. Chozenga, Mr. D. Mhango, H. Silika, L. Mlangiza, P. Chinyama [Mrs.] J. Mkandawire, A. Kafumba, A. Kafamsiyanji, P. Manguluti [Mrs.], T. Msiska [Mrs.], C. Gwengwe and R. Mwadiwa [Ms]


Mr. F. Lombe, Mr. R. Chimwendo, Ms. T. Nyasulu, Mr. S. Jere

Each subcommittee is expected to incorporate additional members. The Fundraising committee already added members.


Special version of the Bible for the Celebration
A Jubilee song to be composed
Possible guests for celebration night were proposed to be:
Guest speaker: Evangelist Shadrack Wame
Guest Artist: Wambali Mkandawire
The red carpet event require a guest of honur who is someone of integrity and can challenge the corporate world
regional chairpersons invited to attend the planning meetings

The first and second meetings largely focused on conceptual planning of the celebrations
The third meeting started operationalising ideas conceived in the first meeting
Currently not much operationally has been accomplished.
Fourth meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 16th October 2010 here at ASCO

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