Monday, June 4, 2012

Update on President Joyce Banda's Visit to London

4 June 2012

As Her Excellency Mrs Joyce Banda arrives in London this morning, she will be telling the international media keen to know her position on the same sex marriage issue that she is encouraging as much debate as possible on the matter and that it is the people of Malawi themselves who will decide what they want about the controversial issue.
President Banda will be telling the media that the final outcome on the debate rests with members of Parliament who will discuss the matter and decide the way forward. Members represent their constituents and it is therefore expected that what they decide represents the views of the Malawian people.
Another issue President Banda expects to comment on is the presidential jet. Her position remains that a cabinet committee she has constituted will decide what is best for the people of Malawi. The committee has been mandated to find the best viable option and it is expected that the committee may recommend to sell or lease the jet.

Steven Nhlane
Press Secretary for The President

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