Thursday, June 14, 2012

Botswana Speaks on the Hosting of the 19th Ordinary Session of the AU Summit

Gaborone ,  12 June 2012  : The Government of Botswana is deeply concerned about the pressure exerted by the African Union Commission on the Government of Malawi to commit to hosting President Al Bashir at the forthcoming AU Summit in July this year. Unfortunately, this pressure has consequently, led to the Summit being moved to Addis Ababa, thus depriving Malawi to host the meeting.

Botswana therefore condemns this action as it is inconsistent with the very fundamental principles of democracy, human rights and good governance espoused by the AU, and which Malawi upholds. It is our considered view that Malawi as a sovereign state has the right to make decisions it may deem necessary, in fulfillment of her obligations under both the Rome Statute and the AU.

In this regard, Botswana will take the opportunity at the forthcoming AU Summit to put its case across on this important matter of principle.

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