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Flashback: Speaker H.F. Chimunthu Banda,MP Tuesday, 17th November, 2009


Honourable Members,

1.               Honourable Members, I wish to inform you that, during its meeting held on Friday, 13th November, 2009 the Business Committee made resolutions regarding Malawi’s representation and membership to various inter-parliamentary organisations such as the SADC PF and the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

The Leader of the House will, at an appropriate time, move a resolution on  Membership to the SADC- PF.

2.               The Business Committee also resolved that Hon. Henry Mussa, MP and Hon. Mwalone Jangiya, MP should represent Malawi at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).  Malawi’s membership to the IPU is however subject to completion of outstanding formalities.

3.               Members may also wish to note that, as a matter of practice, all branches of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) are required to set up Branch Executive Committees which are responsible for overseeing the activities of the CPA at Branch level.  The Speaker’s office has therefore designated the following Members of Parliament as members of the Branch Executive Committee:-

Rt. Hon. H.F. Chimunthu Banda, MP – Chairperson
Hon. V. F. Chilewani, MP(DPP)
Hon. A. G. M. Thindwa, MP(DPP)
Hon E. Napolo, MP (DPP)
Hon. S. Gwengwe, MP (MCP)
Hon. I. Matola, MP (UDF)
Hon. G. Nnesa, MP (MAFUNDE)

As I announced yesterday, Malawi will host the CPA Africa Region Conference in 2010.   The Executive Committee will be actively involved in the preparations for the Conference.

The office of the Clerk of Parliament will make appropriate arrangements to provide information  to concerned Honourable Members regarding membership to inter-parliamentary organisations and other details.

4.               Membership to Committees by New Members of Parliament

I wish to inform you that the Speaker’s office has allocated New Members of Parliament to Committees as follows:-

Hon. E. Makangala, MP

Social and Community Affairs
Commerce, Industry and Tourism

Hon. A. Undani, MP

Media and Communications
Public Appointments

House and Committee records will be updated accordingly.  The two members are requested to get in touch with Clerks to their Committees for more details.

5.     Committee and delegation Reports

Due to time limitations most Committees were unable to adopt their reports during recess.  I would therefore like to urge all committees to meet as soon as possible to adopt the reports.  Similarly, all delegations should arrange to meet in order to adopt their reports.

Thank you for your attention.

Speaker H.F. Chimunthu Banda,MP
Tuesday, 17th November, 2009

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