Saturday, June 16, 2012

People's Party's Secretary General Thanks God for Bingu's Death

People's Party (PP) secretary general, Henry Chibwana, has thanked God for "taking away" the life of former president, the late Bingu wa Mutharika.
Speaking five minutes ago, Chibwana said: "Malawians were living under scorching-sun conditions. Luckily, God made someone fall and, then, took him away 'completely'. Malawians now find themselves living under the shed and sheltered, shielded from the scorching sun. We must thank God for this."
Nobody, not even the hand-clapping PP women or PP  president Joyce Banda  raised a finger in protest.
Mutharika's death gratifies them now!
This confirms what one of Mutharika's relatives, Charles Namondwe, said during the burial ceremony of the former president.
Namondwe bemoaned at the time: "We understand that some people were celebrating the death of our relatives. Thank you very much. But just know that we loved him."
Namondwe said, sobbing.
His pains will be greater now.

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