Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Long Live the Queen

Have been watching the events in London (being beamed on Sky News live) for five hours now.

It's splendid. Not to say historic.

But I have not seen Malawi's female president, Joyce Banda, yet.

Some say- where she is, in London- she is like a shaddow in a huge hole of blackness.

Some are joking that Mme Banda has been left (they are saying 'abandoned') in the kitchen to cook for the Queen's guests.

Stop it, people, be serious.

Mme Banda is there, at the centre of the events, but she is as invisible in the multitudes as the smiles of all the British people watching this from the safety of their houses.

Don't I hear it's so cold in London?

That is how sweet it gets, anyway. Long live the Queen (who has just finished the courage procession, with military bands along the route).

We, Malawians, take pride in this.

It is great for Britain, also: 60 years on the throne for the Queen, and the Olympics this year, too!!!

We are part of it.

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