Friday, March 25, 2011

Remembering Moammar Gadhafi

In 2003, Moammar Gadhafi, man-of-the-moment, outlawed homosexuality in Libya and told a 2003 Regional African Conference that heterosexual people "cannot get HIV-AIDS".

For an idea of how gays are treated in Libya, read about this arrest story from


By Dan Littauer 25.12.2010
In Libya Tripoli’s police arrested two men for “involving in indecent acts”. The men were a twenty nine and a thirty six years old cab driver who were caught in the cab.

The police report said that the younger man dressed like a “girl”, called himself Jumana, and was wearing make-up. It reported that the cab driver said he was "fooled" by the man’s appearance, thinking him a woman, despite that the two men confessed that they were having “indecent acts" in the car.

The police report also mentioned that the 29 year old was engaging in prostitution. GME is concerned about this report as it appears to be highly biased setting the 29 year old as the main culprit for the “crime”.

Comments to the article were deeply disturbing; some said that the people of Lut are back and have to be stoned; others called upon the authorities to send such perverts to psychiatrists. Other comments went to point our places where gay men meet and encouraged the police to entrap men!

GME has informed IGLHRC and Amnesty International on this matter.

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