Monday, March 28, 2011

Foreign Prophet To Pray for President Bingu wa Mutharika ... President Bingu wa Mutharika needs divine intervention "to see clearly". and this has prompted Salima-based Elijah Faith Ministries founder, Prophet Evance Kapwepwe, to invite renowned Nigerian Prophet, T.B. Joshua, to come to Malawi and pray for Mutharika, Zachimalawi can reveal. Prphet Kapwepwe confirmed the development in an interview this morning, saying "President Mutharika has lost direct, and could as well be said to be "spiritually-blind" at the moment; "things are running ahead of him". Prophet Kapwepwe said he, and three senior pastors in his church, came up with the idea to invite T.B. Joshua two weeks ago, ostensibly after noticing that "Mutharika is losing direction, ranting at each and everyone who tries to pump sense into him, and making enemies with each and everyone who differs in principle, and not opinion, with him. We are headed for disaster if we do not seek divine intervention on his (Mutharika's) behalf," said Kapwepwe. Prophet Kapwepwe said they have since (on Saturday this week) written T.B. Joshua a three-page invitation letter, wqriting on top, 'Top Priority'. "We wish we could have the opportunity to take Prophet Joshua to the New State House so he may lay hands on the President, but we understand that will be difficult. Anyway, we have also written a letter to the Presidential Adviser on Religious Matters, Rev. Billy Gama. We feel that he will be of help, though we strongly feel, also, that he has failed in his religious obligations to the President. We fear that he does not enlighten the President on what the Biblew says on good leadership, and he is part of the blame". Gama, on his part, denied receiving any such letter, and described Prophet Kapwepwe's letter to T.B. Joshua as a provocation. "Don't we have capable men and women of God in Malawi? In fact, the President does not need any such prayers, they are influenced by the Devil," said Gama. When contacted for his comment, Information and Civic Education Minister, Symon Vuwa Kaunda, described Kapwepwe's church as a "briefcase entity out to make money; some of these religious leaders are questionable characters who have failed elsewhere". Kaunda echoed Gama's sentiments, saying Mutharika is a man who fears God, and doesn't need prayers from 'insignificant people, with no known credentials". It is the second time a religious leader has suggested prayers for Mutharika, the first time being when former Presidential Adviser on Religious Affairs, Rev. Malani Ntonga, told local media he, and other pastors, had organised prayers aimed at showing Mutharika the way. In their words, the Presidential was 'blinded' in some way, and needed to 'see'. Presidential spokesperson, Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba, then tore into Ntonga, describing him as a disgruntled individual who, at one time, smashed the President's vehicle into a tree". Ntaba also described Rev. Ntonga as a social outcast. The prayers never took place. But Kapwepwe assured Malawians that the prayers with T.B. Joshua will take place in Salima on 22 April, 2011. "We really want to pray for the President; he has lost spiritual direction," said Kapwepwe. Zachimalawi's e-mail to Prophet T.B. Joshua is yet to be responded to, but we will inform you on progress as the days go by.

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