Thursday, March 24, 2011



Professor Peter Mutharika: PPM wants him to quit
 We, in PPM, would like to join all those Malawians who think the best solution to the

impasse between University of Malawi lecturers and the Inspector General of Police, is

to have Peter Mutharika resign from his post as Minister of Education because he has

failed to manage it. Malawians are losing out on him as Minister of Education.

Firstly, he was appointed as Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, but during

that time, he spent most of his time touring educational institutions. In his wisdom, the

State President thought this was an indication that Peter would bring new ideas to the

education ministry so he switched him to be Minister of Education.

Immediately Peter got to this ministry, firstly, he raised the tuition fees for University

of Malawi by over 220% from K25,000.00 to K80,000.00. This showed his ignorance on

the poverty levels in Malawi. Because of the resultant uproar the State President had to


Secondly, there are now serious disagreements between University of Malawi lecturers

and The Inspector General of Police. Peter Mutharika is failing to handle this issue. It

has taken the whole state President to intervene again on an issue Peter Mutharika

could have handled within his capacity as Minister of Education. These two contentious

issue have cropped up within twelve months of his office and we wonder what will

happen in the foreseeable future. What is Peter doing in the Ministry of Education.

PPM therefore joins all Malawians of good will in asking the State President to move

Peter Mutharika to another ministry or better still to relieve him completely of any

ministerial position to give him time to concentrate on his constituency. We hope he will

be able to manage the constituency better than he is doing in the Ministries. There are

a lot of capable Malawians who can manage the Ministry of Education even within DPP


We in PPM feel so sorry that things are falling completely out of hand economically

and socially because of minor issues like arguing with lecturers which can be resolved

easily and amicably. DPP must realize that they are eroding the confidence of the same

Malawians who voted the party to rule this country.

Further to this, we in PPM strongly feel that the State President should allow the

Inspector General of Police to apologise to the lecturers. Apologising is not a sign of

weakness nor is it cowardice but rather depicts strong character which will be fondly

remembered and appreciated when all the dust settles.



Further to the press statement sent yesterday, Our positions on the striking lecturers is that we entirely agree with the reason behind the strike. We are also concerned as a nation that if these lecturers are forced to go back to class with somebody halodin a sword over their heads, the result will be half baked graduates and this will in the long run affect the nation's productivity.

So the lecturers have to go back to class after being assured of their academic freedom. We believe that the material given to the students is purerly academic and not seditious.



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