Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Model Jihadi Material Support Bill for State Legislatures

Since Muslims object when a legal body tries to limit the spread of Sharia law, it seems timely to submit a model bill for state legislatures that no Muslim could object to, since it is based on the political doctrine found in the Koran, Sira, Hadith and Sharia.

The Legislature finds that jihad is a necessary part of Sharia law. Jihad is commanded as incumbent on all Muslims in the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira, as well as the Sharia. Hence, the Legislature proposes that a Jihadi Registration Board be maintained by the Attorney General.

Registered jihadis may establish fund raising for the Jihadi Registration Board Fund, since material support is commanded in the Koran for all Muslims to contribute to “fighting in Allah’s cause”.

Koran 61:10 Muslims! Should I show you a profitable exchange that will keep you from severe torment? Believe in Allah and His messenger and fight valiantly for Allah’s cause [jihad] with both your wealth and your lives. It would be better for you, if you only knew it!

Jihadis will receive a photo ID and a registration number. Quarterly reports will be made to the Attorney General by a Sharia compliance group to assure that all funds raised by the Jihadi Registration Board go the strict purpose of jihad.

Should a jihadi be killed in the process of jihad against any and all Kafirs, the Jihadi Registration Board will use money from the Board Fund for maintenance of the jihadi’s family, both here and overseas.

There will be a strict limitation of weapons used to those of Mohammed’s jihad—swords, knives, and stones. Severed Kafir heads may be displayed on pikes or if multiple heads are involved stacked in the standard pyramidal pile, as per the Golden Age in Spain. All jihadi attacks using modern weapons will be charged as normal first degree murder.


All Kafirs (non-Muslims) may register as a dhimmi with the Attorney General. The dhimmi registration list will be maintained by the Jihadi Registration Board. All dhimmis will wear a distinctive arm band or belt as per the standards of the Jihadi Registration Board. ID laminated cards on a lanyard are also acceptable. Registered dhimmis names, home addresses, work locations and car license plates will be available on the web site of the Jihadi Registration Board.

After registration as a dhimmi, the dhimmi will have to pay a jizyah tax to the fund administered by the Sharia compliance group. The jizyah tax rate will be the same as Mohammed used at Khaybar, 50% of the gross income. Such jizyah funds will be strictly maintained separately from the jihadi material support funds. The dhimmi contributions can only be used for dawah (preaching Islam to the Kafirs). All imams and Muslim Brotherhood agents can use these funds for dawah.

Since the Hadith call for all dhimmis to well protected by all Muslims, jihad attacks on registered dhimmis will be treated as first degree murder.

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