Friday, December 31, 2010

Sad to lose Jika Nkolokosa

So sad because, four days before he passed on, I met him at Shoprite Complex in Blantyre, talked with him outside the PEP Store for ten minutes, and parted ways.

I left him standing there- cogitating about what...I don't know. But when I looked back, some eight seconds later, he was still there, outside PEP- thinking about something, evidently.

He caught me looking at him, waved me bye, and went his way- towards Game Store.

Was he meditating? Did he know he was going, for good, and wanted to look at the place once more- one last time- take its complete picture with him, and go with the memories?

I was just wondering.

That is why I was surprised to hear of his death.

That is why I cannot believe it.

That is why I have broken my promise not to add another post this year.

That is because Jika Nkolokosa was a great man.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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