Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Royal Norwegian Embassy bails gender activists with responsive funding

As confusion continues to linger over the prospects of women empowerment programmes, the Royal Norwegian Embassy has stepped in to help Malawian Civil Society Organisations carry on with their programmes through the NGO-GCN moderated Response Fund.
Through the fund, provided annually to NGO-GCN to fill prevalent gaps, NGOs such as the Association of Progressive Women (APW) have been able to carry out women empowerment programmes in Mwanza, Chikhwawa and Rumphi districts.
This has proved to be the much needed relief, as government continues to put its foot down over CSOs concerns that it (government) cannot be the facilitator and, at the same time, implementer of gender programmes.
Meanwhile, the Royal Norwegian Embassy is withholding K100 million meant for women empowerment programmes due to the stand off.

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