Thursday, December 9, 2010

Calm back in Nomads camp- Yona Malunga

By Richard Chirombo

MTL Wanderers Supporters Chairman, Yona ‘Anayo’ Malunga, has played down players’ growing influence in the team, saying the executive and supporters committees remain in full control.

Commentators say Nomads players have recently grown wings, meddling in matters that, hither to, remained the exclusive affair of the team’s supporters and executive committees.

At the height of squabbles that led to the holding of fresh elections a couple of months ago, culminating in the ascension of former Wanderers player, Hannock Ng’oma, to the post of chairperson, players led the onslaught, calling for the resignation of the James Chuma-led executive committee.

The players, led by captain Simplex Nthala, were at it in November again- this time calling for the resignation of newly-elected officials in the likes of Vice-chairperson Jimmy Fombe and his general secretary.

Andrew Sande, a Nomads’ fan based in Kanjedza, Blantyre, feared that the players’ growing tendency to meddle in the administrative affairs of the team would one day run out of hand.

“It is bad that players, who are just employees of the club, and can be fired or hired at the executive’s discretion, are wielding so much power. There is no discipline in the team,” said Sande.

Sande cited a leaked letter, purportedly signed by all the players and calling for Fombe’s resignation as tell-tale sign that things were getting out of hand at the Lali Lubani Road.

But Malunga dismissed such fears, saying all was under control in the Nomads’ camp.

“The players are not wielding so much power; only that, with what happened a few months ago, when squabbles marred our team, the players still thought they can pull the strings and get away with it. We have an executive committee that is supported by our (supporters) committee, and we all share in the conviction that high standards of discipline are key to success,” said Malunga.

Malunga also hinted that the problems he had with other members of the supporters committee, who went to the extent of reporting the supporters’ head to Blantyre Police Station on allegations of fraud, were long-over, describing their working relationship as ‘wonderful’.

“Wanderers supporters should know that we put the interests of the team first. We all want our sponsors, MTL, to release this season’s sponsorship, and cannot afford to be disorganized,” said Malunga.

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