Thursday, December 16, 2010

Atupele Muluzi sad at Lucius' UDF exit

Aspiring United Democratic Front (UDF) Presidential candidate, Atupele Muluzi, expresses his sadness at the resignation of Lucius Banda from active politics, ostensibly ruling himself out of the UDF politics.
Banda, who recently announced his decision to vie for the party's presidency, has not been in good terms of some members of the UDF following his decision to announce his intentions to stand for the party's presidency at a convention yet to be organised.

Atupele Muluzi (Right): Lucius Banda did a lot for UDF
Picture courtesy of Brian Banda Facebook Photos
Old timers took it as a braw, describing Banda as a novice in politics.
But Banda hit back, saying, at 40 years, he was the right 'bridge' for the young and old.
The country then woke up to a shock on Monday this week, when Banda announced his unanticipated bow from active politics.
Among other political positions, Banda served as special assistant to former Head of State and Government Bakili Muluzi in the UDF, apart from serving as member of parliament. He subsequently got arrested for tabling impeachment procedures deemed at the time to have been a dagger against incumbent president, Bingu wa Mutharika.
"I have bowed down to pressure from my music fans, family members and my own conscious," Banda told Zachimalawi on Tuesday.
But Atupele has received the news with disdain, saying Banda's presidential aspirations in the UDF was a motivation to the country's youths.
"I did not expect it; actually, I am shocked. Lucius Banda was a powerful, trustworthy and one of the most reliable members of the party," said Atupele.
He said Lucius' bow from active politics should not discourage youthful members from thinking high.
"Lucius showed us that even young people can play a crucial role in the party and country. We wish him well, and hope that he will live to help the UDF in many other ways as a well-wisher," said Atupele.
On his UDF presidential aspirations, Atupele vowed to press ahead, saying it's people who have asked him to stand, and "I cannot deny them their wish" to contest for the position during the party's convention.

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