Monday, October 11, 2010

Waiting for a giant sadness: When the curtain closes on BBA All Stars this Sunday

Next week, by 9 O'clock evening, Big Brother Africa All Stars (my favourity Reality Television Series) will comew to an end.
Whenever the Big Brother Africa Season ends, I feel empty inside. When in season, I always feel like a warm hand has touched my heart, letting it (the heart) rest there, 'until further notice'.
Sunday evening next week, this hand will leave the heart, to rest wherever fun sleeps after BBA.
It is this prospect that is making me sad.
However, let me say that this Season has been fantastic- though I will never understand why Africa doesn't love Code Admore Sangala, the giant son from Malawi.
I think our ladies, starting with Hazel Warren and, then, Mzamose Chibambo, have found a soft soft on Africa. Not the case with ana athu andevu. I don't know why people hate good thinks.
I am saying this Season has been fantastic. Uti and Munya are the faourites, of course, but Munya will go back to Zimbabwe with the moola (cash). That is a fact this Sunday stands to validate.
And many people have asked why Africa seems to have fallen in love with Munyaradzi Chidzonga. The reason is simple: Africa saw that the rest of the housemates- except Code, of course- hated Munya so much. They hated him with all their hearts, and hands, and might, and will.
Africa saw through it, and knew that it would be through them, and them only, that Munya will overcome all that hatred and survive. So, it is sympathy that has finally materialised into love, real love, for Munya that the black-lipped boy (fodya mwana uja) is going back to Harare with 200 United States Dollars. Over 200 times President Comrade Robert Mugabe's actual (official) salary!
It will be good for Africa; it will be good for Munya;it will be good for Zimbabwe.
This BBA All Stars Season has also highlighted lies churned out by our reputable media houses. The guys got facts embarrassingly wrong at times, misleading the unsuspecting reader.
There was a time, two weeks ago, when one of the papers wrote that Africa had voted Lerato back into the House, when she remains an 'envelope girl'. The other time, they said Tatiana was banned from the game for violence when it was, actually, Hannington.
Should I continue? No. It will spoil the good game that is BBA All Stars.
This week, I will watch the 'game' extensively. What's more: We are on Mid-Semester Holiday the whole of this week.
Time to flex. Yes, us the Bombocrat type.
Long live Code; you are our hero.

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