Monday, October 11, 2010

Fuel crisis normalising

Malawi has been hit by another wave of fuel crises, but the lines are now clearing at various pump stations.
Life has been hard the past two weeks, reminding Malawians of another fuel crisis that hit the country's filling station pumps in September last year, a problem that lastd a whopping two months.
This year, however, things have cleared up alit quickly, lighting the mood in Malawi's towns and streets.
The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority and Petroleum Importers Limited have been busy, clearing the way for fuel because fuel also rules the products' shelves.
Any shortage also affects the salt, sugar consumer, making it a hard knock in the head of the average citizen.
In Blantyre, filling stations are heaving a sigh of relief.
For people who were joking that- apart from 'exporting' the African Food Basket idea- the country should also 'export' the idea of fuel shortages to Libya, Nigeria and Angola (among other African countries with huge oil wells and resources), their lips are going dry now.

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