Monday, October 18, 2010

Tereza Mirovicova in a Malawi music video supporting boNGO programs

Dear Friends and Supporters of boNGO,

One year ago I appeared in a music video of a famous Malawian artist Lucius Banda. The clip became a part of a short movie serving as a unique tool to promote boNGO and raise finances for its development programs in Malawi. One of the Czech banks is behind the project and wants to contribute money to boNGO based on how much the film will be viewed. At the moment you can watch the film at

I will be glad if you decide to support this interesting idea of how a non-profit organization such as boNGO can be supported by a company. When is the project fully running I shall inform you about how much money will each viewing bring to boNGO’s projects.

Sending you best regards from hot Malawi.

Tereza Mirovicova


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