Thursday, October 7, 2010

Villagers descend on two naked men caught 'in the act'

Confusion ensued at Sangachazi Rest House in Nkhotakota when people descended on two men found 'on top of each other' in the wee hours of Wednesday this week, owner of the place confirmed to Zachimalawi.
Apparently, one of the men- identified as Mark- booked a room for one night accommodation. The room accommodates one customer, and costs K550, according to Rest House owner Kumkeyani Benito Santhe.
However, Mark (who booked in using simply the first name Mark) sneaked out of the room around 9pm to fetch an unknown male friend, whom he brought to the room, contravening the place's rules and regulations.
Santhe said the two men's ordeal started with a power outage,but when Electricity Supply Corparation of Malawi (Escom) officials restored power, darkness prevailed at the Resthouse.
This forced Santhe and staff to suspect that the problem had to do with the main electrical switch, which, incidentally, is located in the room the two men booked.
"Our of our two guards, Lasten Cassam, escorted me to the room to check on the switch. We were surprised that the two kept us waiting for as long as six minutes when we knocked at the door, which forced us to use a spare key to get into the room,"said Santhe,adding it was "scary" to find the men "pulling out of each other".
He said, "actually, we found both of them naked and sweating. We were surprised to find two people instead of one, and engaging in something very strange. We thus called for help from other members of the community, including local traditional leaders. Unfortunately, these people descended on the two and beat them severely".
Mark and his friend were later whisked away by workers at the rest house, though they were forced to pay six times for room service despite not spending the rest of the night in the controversial room.
Santhe said it was sad that, within the past two years alone, he has caught at least four men engaging in "abominable acts", adding he suspected that his rivals were behind the spate of these "shameful acts".
"I wonder where this country is heading to," he said.
Linda Mzeremu, one of the community members, said she was awakened by shouts from the Rest house and, when she went to find what the problem was, she was so shocked to find the two men being beaten.
"They deserved it. These people want to bring bad luck to all of us. People should realise that rains can stop coming in this country if we allow people to commit 'stupid' acts. I am happy they were beaten," she said.
Sangachazi is a 20 bed-roomed Rest House established in 1999. It serves traders in second-hand clothes, dry fish sellers who come to buy fish in the district, and field workers.

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