Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Notice on Political Islam, Christian postings: No room for religious disenfranchisation on Zachimalawi

This is to inform you, dear reader, that Zachimalawi will no longer be posting anything to do with political Islam, persecution of the Jews and the like because some of the readers belong to the said religions and feel attacked.

As you know, Zachimalawi is a fair Brand; we believe in fairness and goodwill. We will be posting things that will unite us, both in Malawi and the world at large.

So, good people, worry not. Your request to me has been granted. Zachimalawi loves you.

It is imperative that we concentrate on things that unite us, and build our nation.

So, Mohammed Issa, Ibrahim Satar, Abdul Mussa (Egypt, Libya, United Kingdom, respectively),and Michael Linga (Mzuzu), Fineas Mzeremu (Salima), George Mwamadi (Mangochi), among others,we have taken note of your request.

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