Friday, October 8, 2010

boNGO Worldwide works wonders among Malawian communities

Born in Czechoslovakia, Tereza Mirovicova looks more of a Malawian now. Everyday, she thinks about new innovations, the main purpose of which is to transform lives of Malawian children.
Just one such innovation is a news movie, titled 'Zione', in which Mirovicova reflects about life in Malawi in face of the HIV and AIDS pandemic.
Twenty minutes ago, I was with Tereza at the Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organisations (Manaso) Headquarters in Blantyre. The business was simple To accord Manaso member organisations the opportunity to sample and critique the movie, and contributions came in handy.
'Zione' is a story of a girl whose father dies of HIV and AIDS, leaving an ailing mother (who is also infected) and a dilapidated home. This forces Zione to venture into commercial sex work, at the instigation of friends including Linda.
It is Zione who suffers in the end, getting pregnant and the deadly HIV, while the friends who coaxed her into the trade to help bail her our of the tentacles of poverty go about sleeping with men.
Zione dies, leaving her HIV-infected mother alive. The mother, whose health is deteriorating, now has to face up to the reality that the rest of her children will have nobody older to look up to, since Zione took the first train to the grave yard.
Plans are that the movie be shown in schools; perhaps, it will change the situation- perhaps, it will save a life. Perhaps, it may contribute to an HIV-free Malawi.
In short, boNGO is a Non-Governmental Organisation that aims at raising standards of children through child care centres, and works in Blantyre.

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