Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Joe Gwaladi vows revenge

Raw musician Joe Gwalani, beaten recently by vendors in Blantyre's commercial centre, Limbe, has vowed revenge.
Gwaladi was assaulted by music vendors because of his tendency to sell his music on his own, ostensibly at rock bottom prices.
This has angered the vendors, who feel short-changed by the controversial musicans. This led to his assault in Limbe.
But the musician is not shaken: "I will continue to sell my music on my own, so long as I find something to eat. I will also revenge on these vendors. After all, I know the people who did this to me," said Gwaladi in Blantyre City Centre.
He said he has been taking pain-killers since the assault, and thanked Police officers for coming to his rescue.
"Those monsters would have killed me. Actually, I plan to release a single diploring vendors behaviour in Malawi," he said.
Among other issues, Gwaladi has taken issues with vendors' tendency to pester people, especially tourists, to buy their products; harassment of women; increased cases of theft; and violation of human rights.
"Some of the vendors are good people; but there are monsters and thieves among them. This is the group I want to deal with," he said.
Malawian vendors are among people accused of making Malawi a less favourable investment destination.

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