Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Only 32 Second World War soldiers remain

Malawi is remaining with only 32 retired soldiers who fought with guns and courage during the Second World War, out of the 300, 000 Malawians who took part in that dreaded affair.
Malawi Defence Force records indicate that the remaining soldiers stay at Cobbe Baracks in Zomba, Moyale in Mzuzu, and in Malawi's capital city, Lilongwe. They fought a hard, long war, and that should make them proud. Yet, they lack the basic necessities at the places they currently stay in, and are in constant need of more resources from a society that takes confort in forgetting the sacrifices these great men made.
One of the remaining soldiers, Swedi Holario, said the was happy to have contributed towards a peaceful world, and hopes the world continues to live in peace.

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