Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cyber Lotto acquires majority shares in Aflot

Employment creation, social responsibility, employment creation, business generation, turn some Malawians into instant millionaires, and a million customers to boot- and there comes Cyber Lotto Limited, a new Malawian lotteries company that has just acquired majority shares in African Lotteries Company (Aflot) to effectively take over operations.
The launch of Cyber Lotto follows a shift in focus by Aflot, whose hitherto majority shareholder, Intercorp Inc Limited sold its stake to the new company.
Chris Kanyuka, Cyber Lotto's Chief Executive Officer told the press in Blantyre today the new kid on the block brings on the market new games, new commitment, new management and new excitement, and would not take over-board former Aflot employees except those with exceptional skills.
Cyber Lotto faces dwindling confidence among Malawians for lotteries, after the former company wound up business without anyone hitting the jackpot of K5 million, a development most people view with both suspicion and contempt.
But Kanyuka assures Malawians that, with the new company came a new hope, and that, as part of this commitment, the operators would make sure that people win often.
"People should differentiate us from Aflot, because we are entirely a new company that intends to improve the living standards of Malawians. This will be in form of scintillating games, playing an active role in the area of social development, to plow back our profits to society and the less privileged, apart from creating employment and business opportunities to a lot of unemployed people," said Kanyuka.
How Cyber Lotto intends to ascertain its impact on the unemployment queue remains to be seen, as Malawi does not have official unemployments rates.
Even how the company plans to make sure that customer confidence retains the normal mark, and that people win that often, is yet to be calibrated.
But Operations Director, Ivan Goh, seems so eager to dispel the negative notions so soon, saying just mid-next month Cyber Lotto launches the first game, christened March-Two- where customers will have to chose two numbers, out of 26 figures, to win prises 100-fold the ticket price.
Said Goh:" For this one, the chances of winning are one-to-four, so we are really committed to making sure that people win. Then, in September, we will launch another game, March-Six- where will have to chose six out of 26 figures and win. From a mobile phone, each Short Message Service (SMS) will cost K140 while from our merchants (1000 to be hired by September), the minimum entry will be K75," said Goh.

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