Wednesday, September 29, 2010

13-year old Mswati inherits Ngoni chieftainship

Malawi has a 13-year old chief.
Willard Mswati Gomani, a Form Two student at Milanda Secondary School, has been named the next Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani following the death of his father, Kanjedza Alexander, who died last week at Ntcheu District Hospital.
He has held the position for less than 15 months, after being installed Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani 1V in June, 2008.
Willard Mswati Gomani, the first born to the late Inkosi, was installed Inkosi ya Makosi at a Ngoni ceremony held in Ntcheu. He becomes Inkosi ya Makosi V.
However, little Mswati will have to wait a little longer to sit on the royal throne as he will have to finish his education.
The new chief’s god father is King Mswati of Swaziland, who gave him the name Mswati.
Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani is a paramount chief for the Ngoni people, mostly found in Ntcheu district of Southern Malawi.
The Ngoni people originated from South Africa, and were forced, during the late 1800s, to spread across many parts of Southern Africa owing to the perceived cruelty of Tchaka Zulu, their paramount chief in South Africa.

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