Friday, September 17, 2010

More responses from Media Council of Malawi

Please, don't mind the grammatical mistakes from Media Council of Malawi.

Dear Richard,

As somebody who is studying in school, you must appreciate to different between an individual and an institution. I can sense some anger in your email. In my view that anger is misplaced . I am not MCM for your information. I am Eric and I work for MCM. MCM is owned by the media houses in Malawi and not an individual journalist and is governed by the Board of Trustees and the NGC which comprise eminent persons in the media, like Mr. Osman, Mr. Chitsulo etc .These are the employers.

The decision to accredited journalist is in the MCM constitution. And it did not just come from the blues neither was it created by the Executive Director.

Its unfortunate that the very people whom one would assume would have no problems is understanding an issues are find it tough to understand a simple thing like accreditation. Accreditations is not a license and MCM is not stopping you from practicing journalism. It is your constitutional right. BUT its is for your own credibility as an individual.

If you hold a card that it shall mean that you are a credible journalist.

By the way media practitioners at MBC have been accredited, so too at BNL,ZBS,NPL, Joy, Radio ABC, Montfort Media in Balaka and many others.

My dear its unfortunate that you believe in treats. Nthawi ya ma threats inapita kale kale ndi Kamuzu Banda.This is an institution and not an individual. It is SYSYTEM AND NOT AN INDIVIDUAL.

You may wish to note that as we get along some media houses shall only employ journalists that are accredited. This is what the media owners are saying and not MCM.

Although baba mwaphya mtima but I would like to congratulate you for going back to school for having discovered some missing papers in the portfolio of your credentials.

Gook Luck
Eric Mcheka,
Programmes Officer
Media Council of Malawi

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