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Southern Africa Newsletter: November/December 2009

Welcome to our newsletter for Southern Africa. This newsletter focuses on resources specifically related to countries in the region. In this last issue for 2009 we ask now that World AIDS Day and its flurry of activities is past- what happens next? In response, we highlight documents that may signpost new directions in scaling HIV Prevention southern Africa.
As usual we highlight New resources- documents, news and events specifically related to countries in the region
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Doing HIV Prevention Better
World AIDS Day 2009 has once again highlighted the need to scale up HIV Prevention. According to UNAIDS for every four people put on treatment, five are newly infected. A priority for 2010 is to reassess HIV Prevention Strategies based on a better understanding of the local drivers

SADC HIV Prevention Meeting: Achieving Prevention Targets, SADC, June 2009

New HIV recommendations to improve health, reduce infections and save lives, WHO 2009

2009 AIDS Epidemic Update, UNAIDS 2009

Investing in Women
AAI has released the first ever global scorecard analyzing country AIDS responses for women and the extent to which governments are meeting their commitment to report on these responses. Countries with the highest HIV burdens were doing the best job of reporting. This however, did not necessarily reflect good performance in delivering HIV services for women. Good reporting bySouth Africa, for example, contrasted with a poor record in improving the maternal mortality of HIV-positive women, or curbing high rates of violence against women.

The AIDS Accountability Scorecard on Women 2009, AAI , November 2009

Back prevention, NGOs say as Sixteen Day campaign kicks off , CSVR and Genderlinks, November 2009

Assessing the integration of gender and human rights in HIV-related documents and processes in selected Southern African countries: A Rapid Assessment, Gender Project (Centre for Human Rights) and the AIDS and Human Rights Research Unit (Centre for Human Rights and Centre for the Study of AIDS), University of Pretoria, 2009

Combating HIV stigma in health care settings: what works?, Journal of the International AIDS Society 2009
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Antiretroviral treatment outcomes from a nurse-driven, community-supported HIV/AIDS treatment programme in rural Lesotho: observational cohort assessment at two years , Journal of the International AIDS Society 2009, 12:23
Lesotho National HIV & AIDS Strategic Plan - 2006 - 2011 , Government of Lesotho, 2006
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Punishing Success? Early Signs of a Retreat from Commitment to HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment , Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines, Médecins Sans Frontières, November 2009
Universal access to HIV treatment under threat from high drug prices, MSF, 2009

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South Africa
A network-level explanation for the differences in HIV prevalence in South Africa’s racial groups, African Journal of AIDS Research, Vol 8, No 3 (2009)

AIDS Denialism Abandoned: A New Beginning for the South African Health Department , Consultancy Africa Intelligence- HIV & AIDS Newsletter-2 December 2009

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Relationships, partnerships and politics in the lives of the urban poor in AIDS-afflicted Swaziland, African Journal of AIDS Research 2006
Swaziland: TB-HIV services needed to lower world's highest rates , PlusNews, 4 November 2009
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A Test of the New Variant Famine Hypothesis: Panel Survey Evidence from Zambia, World Development, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 25 November 2009

The Adolescent Experience In-Depth: Using Data to Identify and Reach the Most Vulnerable Young People: Zambia 2007 , Population Council
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Fertility preferences and the need for contraception among women living with HIV: the basis for a joint action agenda, AIDS 23: S7-S17, November 2009

Global Fund Extends Life of Zimbabwe Funding for AIDS, Other Diseases , VOA, November 2009
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Southern Africa
Is AIDS Exceptional?, aids2031 Programmatic Response Working Group (Working Paper no 25), 2009
Country Experiences in scale up of male circumcision in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region: Two years and counting, A sub-regional consultation, Windheok, Namibia June 9-10 2009

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Need Help?
Naume Kupe is the Southern Africa AIDSPortal facilitator. Contact her with questions or to find out how to get involved:; Skype: Naume_AIDSPortal

Chief of Party, HIV and OVC , CRS Malawi, 16 January 2009

Project Director, FHI, Mozambique, 11 December 2009

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1st Conference on Update of HIV/AIDS in Africa, Accra Ghana, 14-17 December 2009

XVIII International Aids Conference Vienna, Austria, 18-23 July 2010

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Are patent pools the answer to affordable second line HIV treatment? , UNAIDS, 3 November 2009

Why should we aim at having an HIV and AIDS competent church? , CUAHA, 3 November 2009

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