Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finance Minister speaks on public procurement

Malawi ’s Finance, Ken Kandodo, has bemoaned the general lack of professional procurement officers in public institutions, blaming the development for increasing procurement-related corruption and thwarting national development.
Kandodo said for a long time, procurement was mostly handled by non-professionals; a development that often translated into poor delivery of services as most of the procured items left a lot to be desired.
Corruption was a also rampant, he said.
“Government is happy, however, that things seem to be changing- especially after the establishment last year of the Malawi Institute of Procurement and Supply (Mips). We really want things to improve as far as procurement of public services in concerned. Tax payers’ money should be spent on worthy services,” said Kandodo.
Kandodo said procurement played a crucial role in the country’s social-economic development endeavors, and has since asked procurement officers to follow the book in procuring services and products.
“Procurement is key to Malawi ’s social-economic development,” said Kandodo.
It is just now the government is waking up to the fact that public procurement is a specialized area that requires professional personnel. In the past, even government messengers could handle procurement of services and products.

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