Friday, December 18, 2009

Patricia Kaliati, Olive Chikankheni have never been in good books

The outbursts emanating from Gender and Community Development Minister, Patricia Kaliati, against senior ministry officials who boycotted a ceremony she presided over is no news at all.
The issue is that Kaliati and the Ministry's Principal Secretary Olive Chikankheni have always been in bad books, even before Kaliati joined the new ministry.
When Kaliati was Information and Civic Education Minister before the May 19, 2009 elections, the acrimony between the two was there for all to see.
For once, Chikankheni has always been open about her feelings for Kaliati.
Zachimalawi even wondered when Kaliati became the new gender minister how the two could work together.
The Central region incident is, to say the least, disappointing.
I have never seen a minister in my whole life as hardworking as Kaliati.
The other officials should not put spanners in her way; she is a gem of a woman, Kaliati.

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