Friday, December 11, 2009

Magician wants passengers' license in magic plane

By Madalitso Kateta
Malawian president Bingu Wa Mutharika could just have slipped his tongue when he joked that it was high time Malawians started using traditional travelling methods, including witchcraft now that country was in a fuel crisis.
Little did the president know that one enterprising magician in the southern Region district of Neno seriously took his presidents joke and started strategizing on how he could put it into practice.
Maunyoro Soko, popularly known as Gang’athi (sorcerer) within his Moffat village in this remote Malawian district wants to show the world that witchcraft vessels can also be made into good transportation tools.
Speaking in an interview with Africa news Thursday, Soko 65 said the Malawian president’s message despite a political joke had some sense as Africans have been looking down at their ancestral ways of life preferring the western ways of living.
“The president could just have been joking but I seriously considered his joke and decided that I should make a special witchcraft vehicle that can carry people that are not even wizards, as Africans I believe we have been looking down at our ways of life and regarded them as evil,” he said.
He revealed that he was now in the final stages of making his ‘witch’ plane so that it can be usable by people that are not wizards.
“The time the Wright brothers flew the first aero plane people felt that this was not going to live long yet now people are connecting the worlds with their innovat5ion that sounded unsafe in the first place, “he said.
He said his plane which will be in a form of a magic basket will be capable of flying over 200 people and it would take less than five minutes to travel from Malawi to as far as London.

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