Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Professor Peter Arthur Mutharika is Malawi's next president

Zachimalawi is pleased to predict that proposed Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Presidential candidate, Professor Peter Arthur Mutharika, will become Malawi's next president in 2014, after the expiry of elder brother, Bingu's, constitutional two terms in office.

This was revealed to Zachimalawi two months ago in a dream, a dream that re-appeared to re-assert its authenticity last (Monday) night, January 10, 2011, around 2 o'crock in the morning.

It is the first time 'spiritual' forces have intervened on the question on Peter's candidacy in 2014, putting to rest fears and optimism that the professor could as well be on the road to the New State House.

The most perculiar thing about both dreams- which confirmed that Peter is set to become Malawi's next president- is the proposed DPP Presidential candidate carried this Blogger (in the dream) from one corner of the Town Hall (Victoria) Hall in Blantyre to another, and handed over this bewildered Blogger in the hands of Government Minister Anna Kachikho- who received me (just as Peter) smiling.

That means the Blogger is set to become a Minister (it was not clear which one) in Professor Peter Mutharika's government after 2014 (it was not specified when).

Zachimalawi thus declared, without fear of contradiction, that Peter will become Malawi's next president (come what may), and that he will soon declare his interest to stand for the ruling DPP. His current claims to the contrary (that it's only DPP zealots forcing him to stand, and that he has not made up his mind) are all part of the game called politics.

Zachimalawi also wishes to declare that- because the heavens have declared their support for Peter)- this Blog will cease to exist if this Zachimalawi prediction (call it prophecy) does not come to pass.

Surely, surely, Professor Peter Mutharika is Malawi's next president after 2014.

I don't know what that means for opposition political parties.

We wish Peter Mutharika good luck as he positions himself to become the country's next head of state. He will become the first president to take over from a brother!

Just to buttress this point. Zachimalawi has had five dreams the past six months (some of them good, some painful) and they all happened. One of the dreams was the source of my sadness the whole month of December 2010. In that dream, I cried that such a thing (which is of a personal nature) should not happen, but it happened on December 4.

However, it is a previlege to know of things that are to happen in future. And one such thing is Professor Peter Arthur Mutharika's ascention to the greatest seat in the land.

Zachimalawi takes no sides; Zachimalawi is but a messenger.

The winds will come from the East for Peter Mutharika, and ferry him to the South East, to his Presidential seat.

Zachimalawi has said so..

Professor Peter Arthur Mutharika: Malawi's next Head of State and Government

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