Thursday, January 20, 2011

Malawi: Local Capacity-Building Expert Wanted

Malawi Local Capacity-Building Expert

Organisation: The Global Health Technical Assistance Project

GH Tech is recruiting for a short-term consultancy for a Team Leader (TL) to analyze Malawi’s Community REACH project and develop recommendations and lessons learned for future activities.

Pact Malawi activities are centered on three main objectives: 1) To provide an effective and transparent grant award and administration system for the provision of responsive, fast track grant-making assistance to organizations responding to PEPFAR, 2) To provide implementers with access to financial resources and high quality technical expertise to assist in achieving and effectively reporting results while complying with USG financial and administration requirements, 3) To expand the civil society’s response by providing capacity building to local, regional, national, and international organizations resulting in increased capacity of organizations and networks to provide and sustain HIV and AIDS and related health services.

For more information and to apply please see the link below


Closing Date: 10 January 2011


Country: Malawi

Contributor: Godsway Shumba

Contributed On: 30 December 2010

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