Friday, January 21, 2011

Let there be space

For farming,
And Eating;
And learning,
And dying-
In Malawi.

Don't forget,
To shoot armed robbers on the spot,
And eat the meat, of course!
After all, why shoot something
You cannot eat.

And eat something you did not shoot?
It is robbery both ways:
The guy and guyess who 'gets' what they did not sow,
By hook or crook;
The guy who declares that robbers be shot on the spot
(When he knows he does not partake of human meat)-
And the Police officer who shoots what he or she does not eat.

Let there be space,
For killing what we eat;
More space,
For blackening the fog of ignorance.
It may be in Chirunga,
Or somewhere below the blueless skies.

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