Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Behind the scenes at MTL Wanderers: Plans, strategies only Zachimalawi can reveal

Wanderers Club find itself in a daunting creditors situation arising from on going renovation works aimed at improving the existing structures. The new look Wanderers Club should at the end of the day increase the membership base and generate more revenue from bar sales as a result. This will go a long way in raising the funds necessary for the settlement of bills arising from the renovation works.
However, there are other means through which monies may be raised and these being:
1.       GYM:  We must increase the rentals for the gym. The present rate of MK 50,000 per month is way below commercial rate. We propose to raise it to at least MK 60, 000.00 per month and preferably payable 3 months in advance.
2.       VIP BAR:  We propose to let out to any interested party at a rate of MK 50,000.00 per month payable in advance.  We already have a prospect.
3.       KITCHEN: Once complete this to be let out to a professional caterer at MK 75,000 per month and be open for lunch to the public. It is hopeful that this approach will also increase bar sales.  
4.       MEMMBERSHIP FEE HIKE: We propose a hike of membership fees to MK 20,000 per annum.
5.       DEBT COLLECTION: Every effort ought to be made to recover outstanding bills accrued by members.
6.       OTHER ACTIVITIES: From time to time, Live bands may be organized and be open to the general public for purpose of raising funds. We may even consider hiring out our new hall for small functions.
7.       MANAGEMENT: Our manager needs to jack up and must contribute in an effort to market our new look Wanderers Club.

The benefit of the above scenarios is that Wanderers Club will be exposed and therefore encourage new members to come on board increasing membership and revenue as a result.

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