Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Yoneco: The Number One Enemy to Studies!

Are you deep in studies and, as one way of attaining your academic goals, you have been assigned by your class lecturer to visit Youthnet and Counselling (YONECO)Fm or any of their affiliated institutions just to find out how the institutions operate, in terms of decision-making, and how that affects, positively or negatively, operations?
Have you agreed to carry out the exercise by booking an appointment with the aim of carrying out your task?
Sorry but, truthfully, you may end up wasting your time because YONECO owners (meaning, the decision makers, the directors) are always afraid.
Yes, they are always afraid of the unknown and will, ultimately, not grant you your request.
They pretend, at first, to be helpful, before they start throwing one excuse after another at you.
In the end, they will simply do their best to make sure that you do not visit them; to make sure that they do not give you the information you require.
For a long time, YONECO had been known for its outreach programmes, mainly targeting the youth. Many a youth have been pulled out of the jaws of early marriages, early pregnancies and, for some time, Malawian realised that the youth could really change things for the better in Malawi.
Then, as one way of making outreach tasks easy, YONECO big wigs decided to establish a radio station in early 2015.
It came with a bang, with salaries that were better than at some established radio stations.
What's more, YONECO FM has a fleet of cars others can just dream of. That is good for media progress in Malawi.
Since its establishment, a number of media, communication and journalism students have knocked on YONECO's doors, asking for information on, say, how long does it take for a news event to be given the green light to go on air by the bosses? What is the chain of command? And other simple issues.
And, in all cases, YONECO big wigs, who have to make every decision, pretend to be helpful, but always chicken out at the last minute.
What they are afraid of, nobody knows.
No one wants to know how they manage the institution? No. Nobody wants to know how they manage the finances, let alone where they get them? No.
If anything, people just want to know how decisions are made and that helps the organisation achieve its goals and YONECO management is always afraid of such innocent questions.
Well, in running away from being helpful, in running away from these innocent issues, you are attracting unnecessary curiosity into your affairs. You serve the listener, not so? A listen who is not private, not so?
What is it that you hide at YONECO? What are you unwilling to help out on academic issues?
Look, of all the radio stations and media houses involved in the business of selling news, only YONECO FM refuses to give out information for academic purposes.
It is like they are always suspecting that you want to steal their business ideas, otherwise whatever ideas they have hatched. It turns out, they are anti-progress, anti-education and anti-youth.
From the look of things, and in YONECO's case, the youth cannot always be helpful!

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