Monday, September 26, 2016

Fischer Kondowe Says He Has Five More Years to Play Football

So, Nyasa Big Bullets and former Malawi National Football team's winger Fischer Kondowe's inner consciousness is stronger than his tiring legs?
The connection between Fischer and retirement from football is crossed again by that of his reluctance to hang his boots and focus on his mouth; something like coaching and the like.
Well, not Fischer, who, certainly, does not want to retire from fame and occupy a liminal space in which he must accept to play a role off the pitch when a football match is in session.
The mystical success of Fischer, who has won everything on Malawi's domestic soccer scene, and even strutted his stuff in South Africa's Absa Premier League, refuses to succumb to the blurring-shed of old age, more so when we consider that Fischer's lips are about to kiss 'Mr. 40 Years'' lips, and Mr. 40 Years is not particularly known for his physique, relentlessness, and for more.
Mr. 40 Years likes to look after his children, instead. He does not even tend to his garden, Mr. 40 Years, or wash his fleet -- mmmmmmmm, are two vehicles a fleet, mmmmmmmm? -- of vehicles. The children, whether biological or adopted-- take care of that job.
But Fischer is not even interested in listening to anything to do with Mr. 40's behaviour. It has to do with Fischer, and Fischer only.
After all, it is well known that there is no relationship between the approaching Mr. 40 and Fischer. If anything, it is Mr. 40 Years who imposes himself on Fischer.
Suppose Fischer --we are saying, just imagine-- and 39 and he was to cross into a river called 40 because there is no other way of getting into the Highway of 41 without waving bye to Mr. 40. Does Fischer plead with Mr. 40 to let him ( Fischer) walk freely to 41?
No, Mr. 40 will impose himself on Fischer, and say, you are 40.
Even if Fischer says no, Mr. 40 will still say: You are 40!
This Mr. 40 Years! Too possessive.
Well, Fischer does not care. There is no wrong side of life, no right side of age.
And, so, talking about his football, Fischer tells Zachimalawi: "I thank Jah for being on my side all these years. I have heard some people, including journalists, say, 'When will you retire?' Well, I still have the will to carry on, the energy to take me from one spot to another on the pitch. I still have five more years of active football in me and, by that, I mean playing on the pitch."
The strong will Fischer has is the escape route from the limitations imposed by age!

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