Monday, September 26, 2016

Malawi Defence Force soldiers' bullying works light for Zomba City

Three days after Malawi Defence Force officers stormed Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi offices in Zomba City, Zomba has not known black-outs again.
Whereas Zomba used to experience debilitating power outages, sometimes only 'enjoying' only three hours of uninterrupted power supply,Zomba has never known so much happiness since the blackouts came back to haunt Malawian.
Of course, the Shire River, Lake Malawi's only outlet, is drying up. The Blantyre Water Board, which taps it's untreated water from Shire River, has found itself on its knees-- literally, as the water levels have receded and officials at Walkers Ferry to to bend down harder just to draw a gallon of water (and this latter part is a joke, really)-- and the talk everyday is about when life shall get back to normal in the city of Blantyre.
Today, it has become commonplace for Blantyre City residents to go four, five days without a drop of water.
Patience is running out fast as thirst and unpleasant feelings build up.
But water is not Zomba's problem. If anything, water is the most abundant resource in Zomba. And it is cooler than the water min Blantyre.
Maybe because Mudi Dam, the source of Blantyre Water Board's water-- after the deterioration of Chiwembe Dam and Chimwankhunda Dam-- is situation far away from Soche Hill and Ndirande Hill.
Not so with Zomba, where Mulunguzi Dam dances under the shadow of Zomba Mountain, a mountain that dances under the shadow of,natural forests, forests that dance under direct sunlight. As biting as an African sunshine can be.
But, the thing is, there is darkness in people's hearts at the moment, despite the continued supply of sun rays. With the incessant water supply shortages in Blantyre and power outages in Zomba are making people angry.
Maybe Malawi Defence Force soldiers should also storm Blantyre Water Board offices in Blantyre. After all, there is a Malawi Defence Force camp at Chichiri in Blantyre.
These service failures must be brought to an end. Somehow.
That day being now.

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