Thursday, September 1, 2016

An experience at Makokola Retreat in Mangochi

I am on foot. I am walking into the up-market Makokola Retreat in Monkey Bay, Mangochi.
The guards, two of them, let you in. Of course, after throwing four, five questions.
You get in-- feeling confident and energesised for the day.
The reception is some 200 metres away from the main gate. My entry point.
About 20 metres from the gate is Mangochi's airstrip. If you want to land in Mangochi, this is the airstrip for you.
Fifty metres, or so, later, a Toyota Hilux comes from the opposite direction. I mean, from the reception area.
Suddenly, it drives past you and stops.
Inside are a husband and wife. They have Malawian names but are of European ancestry.
Their faces are as serious as those of an incensed dog.
They think they are serious, not knowing that their attempt at seriousness is a favourable condition for the growth of pimples. Pimple marks are written all over the face.
"What are you doing here?" It is the man speaking.
He runs the place. Makokola Retreat!
I do not answer. I find the approach un-tourism-like.
"Hey, I say what are you doing here?" The man, visibly irritated, asks again.
Again, I do not answer.
These quacks are delaying me.
"Hey, can't you here me?" The man fires a rhetorical question at me.
"What are you doing on these grounds?"
"What am I doing? Can't you see that I am walking on these grounds?" I ask. These guys are irritating.
"Oh, for the workshop!?"
I do not answer. I do not know whether this is a question or what.
They finally smile.
"Okay,"says the man as the woman, presumably his wife, nods.
They speed off.
These guys have an attitude!
Are people not free to walk on Makokola Retreat premises. Does it matter how one travels to attend a meeting or something at Makokola Retreat?
Anyway, people talk a lot about the attitude of these ill-mannered people there.
It's like only those from Malawi are welcome.
Let me walk on, anyway. Into the premises.

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