Saturday, May 17, 2014

On Allegations of Plans for Post Election Violence



‘For immediate release’

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) strongly dismisses allegations being spread by the People’s Party (PP) and its agents that the DPP plans to cause violence in the country should it lose the forthcoming tripartite general elections on 20th May 2014.

This scheme of misinformation and fear mongering is being run by the People’s Party through its political activists on the social media and through the use of government sponsored opportunistic persons operating under the guise of civil society; the discredited the National Forum for Development is one such grouping of persons.

These efforts from the PP are the last kicks of a dying horse; the writing is all over the wall that the PP’s time to be experimenting with Malawians lives and continue protecting corrupt persons in its rank and file is over.

The DPP is aware that the PP and its leadership are in a serious panic mode knowing that the day of reckoning is fast approaching. The day is only days away and is fast becoming closer by the hour; nothing will change this fact.

We are also aware that the allegations of pending violence being spread by the PP are a calculated move aimed at threatening Malawians, and discouraging them so that they don’t come out in large numbers and express their disapproval of the People’s Party administration on 20th May 2014.

Malawians are demanding answers to many ills that have befallen them since the PP administration took over such as the government orchestrated looting of public resources; ‘‘Cash-gate’’, loss of lives due to shortage of drugs in hospitals, failure to pay civil servants , escalating levels of poverty and lack of national direction. No amount of lies from the PP and its paid agents will deter Malawians from further demanding answers to these questions on 20th May 2014 through their vote.

The PP and its agents such as the Forum for Development should know that Malawians are tired of an administration that seems to only understand and specialize in the manufacturing and peddling lies for the very people it is supposed to govern.

The duty of any competent administration where there is a credible threat of violence against its citizens as the PP administration is alleging is to investigate, arrest and try those involved to protect the innocent; We wonder why the PP is not doing this; merely going to the media to talk about the threat casually is indicative of an administration that is not only clueless of its responsibilities towards its citizens, but one in serious fear of accepting reality that its days are numbered.

The DPP is calling upon all well meaning Malawians to ignore the wild barking from PP and its agents but focus on what is good for Malawi; ushering in a visionary leadership so that we can progressively move together as a nation.

Finally the Democratic Progressive Party is urging all Malawians to be diligent during the few remaining days and conduct themselves peacefully to ensure that come the elections day 20th May 2014, the People’s Party and its agents do not hijack the Malawi we deserve through baseless fear mongering and vote rigging.





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