Monday, May 26, 2014

MCTU’s Call For Peace And Unity After Elections

24th May 2014

In the aftermath of Malawi’s Tripartite Elections, the Malawi Congress of Trade Unions wishes to make its call to all Malawians for peace and unity during this period when we are anxiously waiting for the results of the elections.

As a representative body for all workers in Malawi, it should be noted that Malawi Congress of Trade does not take sides in the elections but we fully support the outcome of a free and fair vote.

The choice of who will lead Malawi has been up to the Malawian people. In this regard,
we would like to urge all dissatisfied parties and their members to resolve disputes arising from the elections through the courts rather than in the streets.

We make a plea to all Malawians to reject intimidation and violence and wait on MEC to
make the announcements for the results of the elections. It is also important that MEC
expediently attends to all queries being raised by stakeholders in the wake of the unofficial results.

Above all, the people of Malawi Malawians should shun electoral violence and embrace
national unity. We must come together, after the election, to carry on the work of building our country.

Pontius E. Kalichero


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