Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The U.S. Embassy will host a Social media expert from Paris, France Jean-Yves Chainon.
While in Malawi, Chainon will preside over social media open discussions with Journalists in Blantyre and Lilongwe.
Please join the US Embassy Public Affairs Section on Tuesday October 23rd 2012 at 13:30 for a Social Media Open Discussion at Mount Soche Hotel-Njamba Room and on Friday October 26th at the Public Affairs Auditorium (City Center-Lilongwe) from 13:30.
Discussions will be centered on the following topics:
1.     Introduction and presentation of latest digital news trends
·        The birth of social media and its boom: understanding benefits and threats to editorial quality and traditional media’s business model
·        Understanding media has always been social at its roots
·        Learning about essential tools and platforms for social media news
2.     Social media in news gathering: tools, platforms, best practices (and worst)
·        Sourcing
·        Filtering
·        Crowd-sourcing
·        Hyperlocal news
·        User-generated Content
3.     Social media as a publishing tool:
·        Benefits
·        Cons
·        Policies (personal use, privacy)
·        Monitoring
4.     Social media as a personal tool (one-man brand, mobile journalism)
·        Mobile journalism
·        Best practices
5.     Social media at its roots:
·        The ‘new’ social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
·        The old ‘new’ social media: Reddit, Digg, Tumblr, etc.
·        Pre-social media networks: events, fundraising (Dagbladet)
·        All media is social: putting the reader and interaction first
6.      Social media in the newsroom
·        First steps to social: reader interaction
·        Comment moderation and practices (Le Monde, Figaro)
·        Dedication of resources
·        How to engage the community and improve interaction
7.      Social media: Where’s the business for traditional media?
·        Best practices, case studies
8.     Two events / case studies of media use of social media and digital tools:
·        Olympics coverage
·        US elections
9.     Facebook and Twitter, how they shape and are used by the media:
·        Best practices
If you are willing to participate, please register with Grace (+265 999 520 436) before Friday October 19, 2012