Friday, April 20, 2012

Zambia Communiqué: Government seeks process to finalise the Draft National Information and Media Policy

Zambia Communiqué
19 April 2012

The government of Zambia has commenced the process to finalise the Draft National Information and Media Policy whose purpose is to enhance the effective coordination and dissemination of public information and to facilitate the growth of a free, ethical, socially responsible and sustainable media industry.

The aim of the policy is to facilitate the creation of a well-informed and motivated citizenry, which embraces democratic governance for national development and the creation of an environment that safeguards the right of the people, including the right to know and the freedom of the media.

Some of the objectives of the policy include to facilitate the establishment of a regulatory authority for the electronic media, to ensure adherence to policy provisions in order to promote attainment of a free, socially responsible and sustainable media industry, to develop a countrywide information and communication infrastructure for improved radio and television services and to ensure speedy transmission of news and information across the country by both print and electronic media.

The other objectives are to promote both local and foreign investment in all forms of media in order to enhance growth of the media and to promote the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in information gathering in order to enhance efficiency and to develop countrywide news gathering and distribution networks for the state-controlled Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS).

The policy also seeks to encourage the media to work towards the creation and sustenance of a single media council with jurisdiction over professional and ethical matters.

This policy precedes a 1996 policy that is being revised to take into consideration changes in the media landscape and channels that facilitate information flow.

For more information please contact:
Jane Chirwa, MISA-Zambia Information & Research Officer

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