Thursday, April 5, 2012

Malawi is Fine, Nobody is 'Unalive'

This is in response to all the inquiries on the situation in Malawi from followers far and wide.
The truth is that Malawi is fine.
All the people that matter are fine, and here- guiding the Malawi people.
There is absolutely no bad news in Malawi.
There is, absolutely, no death of anyone who matters in the public psyche.
Of course, one of the public figures is going to South Africa right now for further treatment.
But know, our friends, that Malawi is okay, and our leaders are with us- taking care of our social-economic needs.
No known public figure is in a comma in Malawi. The reason is simple: All Malawians that matter can make A or B out of the situation in Malawi. All the people are in control of their senses.
Just to say, also, that we have all the medicines that matter in hospitals, and that the situation is not as bad as portrayed.
Tobacco sales also continue at the Auction Floors, raising hopes that the much-needed forex will be 'harvested' and help propel our economy to greater heights.
The International Monetary Fund people were here last week, and on Friday asked Malawian authorities to either devalue the Kwacha, or dance up to the beats of uncertainty.
As it is, that is the situation in Malawi. Desregard the other reports.
If anything, Zachimalawi will surely be there to inform you.

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