Friday, April 20, 2012

Bingu at Sanjika

So long it must not be the scramble for fuel,
So winding it can't be of one-people-in-the-wrong,
So visible it must not be sugar packets-
Stretch far and wide along the Presidential Road.

So fortified,
So closed to reality,
So green in comfort,
Opens to the common eye.

A nation in mourning,
A nation so bathed up in red eyes,
A nation taken unawares by the early sunset
Meanders to say 'Hullo'
As Bingu lies in State.

Two weeks ago,
He was the State,
Curing our deplorable socio-economic state
And this sudden sadness.

We will be there,
To see his ray in the darkness,
Shining on the plate of our days,
As the sun fades to rise again,
And the darkness shines to wave good bye.

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