Friday, April 6, 2012

Still No Official Communication on Mutharika's Death

From doctors to senior government officials the message is one: President Bingu wa Mutharika lives no more.
The problem is that this is not official.
The world-acclaimed British Broadcasting Corporation, Reuters, among other media, are all awash with reports that the President has died in South Africa.
Some government, and medical, officials claim the President died in Malawi when he took ill following a cardiac arrest. They say he was taken to South Africa dead.
But all these reports remain unconfirmed, and Mutharika's death a hard-rumour.
Meanwhile, anticipation and anxiety has gripped Malawi.
Under provisions of the Republican Constitution, Vice-President Joyce Banda is expected to take over.
Mutharika's death comes as a blow to his younger brother, Peter, who was touted as the next president.
His dreams now lie scattered and, may be, may never be realised.
A dark crowd now hovers over Malawi.
The President is dead.
Something has hapened to Malawi.
Something unexpected. 
Banda, for three years considered a lame-duck Vice-President, will now be in control.

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