Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HIV-Positive Man Sprayed With Lysol at Work

James White's lawyers in Michigan call his case "the worst case of HIV discrimination we've ever seen." It's hard to believe how much James had to endure:

...When James disclosed his HIV status to his boss at a Great Expressions Dental Center -- where James worked as an office assistant -- James' boss told everyone in the office that James had HIV.
.For months, James' coworkers followed him around with cans of Lysol. They sprayed James, refused to let him touch doorknobs, and wiped down furniture after he touched it.

...James was finally admitted to the hospital to deal with the toll of months of stress from the situation at work -- he was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

...On his last night in the hospital, James got a call saying that he was fired.

Jim Harris is a junior at the University of Oklahoma who has dedicated his time on campus to educating his fellow students about HIV. When Jim read about what happened to James, he was outraged -- so he started a petition on demanding that Great Expressions Dental Centers apologize for how James was treated and pay him reparations.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission attempted to mediate this situation, but Great Expressions refused the proposed settlement. So the EEOC gave James a letter supporting his right to sue Great Expressions -- but a lawsuit will be costly and could take years.

James shouldn't have to wait years for an apology or compensation. Great Expressions is a large chain of dental centers, with locations in seven different states -- bringing large-scale public pressure is exactly the right way to force a quick resolution rather than letting the company wait it out and hope James runs out of money.

Now, People are asking Great Expressions Dental Centers to apologize and pay reparations for the egregious treatment of James White.

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