Monday, December 26, 2011

Anonymous Yaps Lyric on Graig Sieben

thanks chilombo
for letting us know
you are really the ears and eyes of Malawi
uh uh
Of africa
Since I'm in Zambia for now
Thanks to sieben
It it good to have such a kind man in malawi
More especially at this time


END-NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR: Some say Chilombo. Others say Chirombo. There are running arguments that a name is a name, and should not be subjected to Grammar rules.

Talking of Grammar rules- Chichewa Grammar Rules, for that matter. It is standard practice in Chichewa that, when a writer faces the possibility of using the consonant "R' or "L' after either of the vowels 'E' or 'I', the correct consonant is 'R'.

Chichewa Grammar Rules also dictate to us that if a writer is faced with the possibility of employing the consonants 'L' or 'R' in a sentence, the best consonant to use after vowels 'O', 'U' and 'A' is L.

Therefore, 'L' should be used (as a Chichewa Grammar thumb-rule) after 'O', 'U', and 'A' as a matter of necessity.

Likewise, 'R' should be used after 'I' and 'E' all the time.

Taking these factors into consideration, my surname is 'ChiRombo' and not 'ChiLombo'.

I must admit, though, that my younger brother uses the surname 'ChiLombo' and not 'ChiRombo'.

My two sisters have gone a step further; they don't use the name 'ChiRombo' at all and, instead, prefer our clan name 'Phiri'. They. thus, call themselves 'Phiris'.

Of course, Phiri is a good name- especially for a Ngoni like me. Whenever I go to my home village in Dedza, old women are always happy to see me, and pave the way for me, while clasping their hands (Ngoni-style): Dutsani we Phiri! (Pass ye, pass ye- Mr. Phiri).

That is why it is great- so great- to be a Malawian!

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