Friday, December 16, 2011

Bravo Martin Mphande for Your 'Kalibu' Take

I have been to the place half a dozen time.
Each time, it was such a nice experience.
I have tested the 'Kalibu' food; it is better than what most Third-Grade tourism institutions can offer.
It is rare to find schools that prohibit the use of cellphones, and send 'disobedient' students home on the strength of their phone-addiction!
I have seen some of them (students) shake in the legs.
They know the rules are put in place for a good cause.
They know it is for their own good.
The headmaster, the director, the teachers- they are all there for one cause: To create a new generation of leaders.
I wish I had two children. I would send them all there.
You see, Kalibu Ministries is also there to take care of the students' spiritual needs.
I have seen a couple of students getting baptised.
Well, even if some students do not get baptised; at least, they sing gospel songs during the morning devotion.
The way the students sing, you would be disconnected to the powers-that-be if you do not feel a certain warmth in your bosom.
Oh, Kalibu is such a wonderful place.
Strategically located near Chileka International Airport.
The students, in addition, have opportunities to travel far and wide- in pursuit of that animal called education!

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