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Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2012

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International conference

Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2012

Culture. Education. Media.
Shaping a sustainable world

Approximately 850 million people around the world are illiterate,most of them in crisis regions and war zones.

In 2002, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to declare the ten-year period from 2005-2014 the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. It is increasingly evident that education, culture and upbringing form the key to peaceful co-existence and a sustainable future.

The 2012 Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum will examine the role and responsibility of the media with their images and messages. How can media contribute constructively to cultural diversity? How can they serve to enhance awareness of the essential importance of education for sustainable development? Can media themselves carry out educational activities? Do they serve as a role model for presenting and conveying educational content?

The conference is divided into the following subject areas:

 Right to education and Education For All (EFA)
 Preserving and advancing cultural diversity / World Heritage
 Political culture and intercultural dialogue
 Education for sustainability (cultural, economic, political, social)
 New approaches to learning (E-learning, social media etc.)
 Media and education – What can the media contribute?

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum is a congress with international reach. It draws media representatives from around theworld – including many of Deutsche Welle’s partners – and people from the fields of politics, culture, business, development cooperation and science. About 1600 participants from more than 100 countries attended the conference in 2011.

More information on the conference can be found here:

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster. Its task is to explain Germany’s role as a cultured European nation with democratic freedoms based on the rule of law, and to promote understanding and exchange between cultures and peoples.

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